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Empowering Women

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Our story

At Teekri, our goal is to alleviate poverty, uplift women, and promote personal growth.

With 30+ years in the business, and selling products to 70+ countries worldwide, there’s one thing that keeps us strong: our mission.

We promote the creative work of women and offer a wide range of sustainable support to the craft & hobby Industry. We follow Fair Trade practices and are SA 8000 certified.

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We’ve always believed in funding the personal growth and skills of our community. This is why we’ve established the ‘Skill Development Center.’ At this center, any employee eager to learn the craft is welcome. Currently, we provide basic computer training, stitching, beautician, and handicraft classes.

One of our proud initiatives is the ‘Apna School,’ which we set up over 15 years ago in a remote village in India where there was no provision of education available within a 5-mile radius. Approximately 50% of the children pay no fees and the rest pay a minimal fee of $1-$2 per month, functioning on a self-sustainable model. The school started with 10 students and has expanded to over 900, educating from kindergarten to high school, and covering all major subjects.

For the goddess within

About Teekri Jewelry

Why Teekri?

Teekri is for the modern woman seeking boho chic jewelry with soul. We aim to empower the modern woman, allowing her to let her inner goddess come out and play.

Hand-crafted by India-based artisans, Teekri provides employment for underprivileged women with a flare for fashion. Carefully constructed from engineered wood, our unique offerings flaunt a natural shine and long-lasting physique.

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