What Is A Teekri Gem

A teekri gem is unique wooden gemstone crafted by skilled artisans using age-old techniques.

It's Origin

Each teekri gem is made using birch wood that is sourced legally from sustainable European forests. It is certified by forest stewardship council, an international organization that sets the standards on forest products, along with certifying and labeling these as eco-friendly.

How It's Made

We follow a highly complex process that involves the best technology & skills to create the finest raw material, color combinations, patterns, forms & hues to achieve uniqueness.Each piece is designed and crafted into a beautiful gemstone using the craft that has been passed over generations. We focus on promoting and preserving the wooden craft and adding a contemporary touch to it.

Teekri Gem Signature

Multicolor - Impregnation

Using sustainable wood, we make this special wood which is twice the density than any other regular wood, water resistant, mirror shine, one of the strongest wood which is impregnated with color.


Due to color impregnation the grains of the wood are completely visible giving it a transparent color finish.

Vignette Effect

The colors flow from a darker shade to lighter shade in each color layer creating a mesmerizing vignette effect.


Each gem is handcrafted in different styles and variety of patterns where each pattern is one of a kind.


Discarding the usual process of lacquering to provide shine to the wooden surface, each teekri gem carries immaculate shine which is achieved without applying any lacquer.