Jewelry With A Soul

It’s not just a piece of jewelry but a little piece of nature that embodies life, vivacity & ardour having been nurtured and treated with a lot of love.

Teekri Respects Nature

All Teekri products are made from ethical wood and sourced from sustainable forests.

It’s Rare

The uniqueness of Teekri lies not only in it’s beauty and the exquisite artistry but also the way it connects us with our roots and surrounds us with colours that reverberate with life.

It’s Handcrafted

You are the nature’s finest and indeed the soul of Teekri. The hands that provide life force to Teekri are women like you, artisans who lend their natural prowess & flair & creativity to the spellbinders that you hold.

Inspired By The Women Of Today

Teekri’s palette of colours defines the women of today, women who are unwavering in their resolve, who possess the ability to bring a soothing calm to their surroundings and who are guiding today’s world in it’s quest to be a better place.

Here’s our ode to these women

Here’s Our Ode To You